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Pre-season Training

November 23-24, 2024 

This is a “Looksee” run by the P.S.A.L. Staff and the Girls’ Basketball Assignors to have the opportunity to watch referee officiate; there are instructions on and off the court and officials will be using two (2) persons & three (3) persons mechanics



The PSAL Weekend of Free Scrimmages is excellent opportunity for PSAL girls’ basketball officials to be observed, evaluated or re-evaluated by the PSAL Basketball Assignors. Participating officials will receive advice on ways to improve mechanics and positioning.


Who should attend?

1. Any girls’ official who improved their game since last season.

2. Newly certified girls officials who wish to work a PSAL girls’ basketball schedule.

3. Any girls’ official that wants help in improving their two (2) and three (3) person mechanics.


The P.S.A.L. Staff and the Girls’ Basketball Assignors look forward to seeing you at the P.S.A.L. Weekend of Free Scrimmages

If you have any questions, please email

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